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Traffic Design Consultants more or less grew from our founder Scott Witham’s first design book ‘Festive – The Art and Design of Promotional Mailing’ in 2001. Our first commission to compile, write and photograph all content for a 170+ page book was Traffics first major project. Over the next 10 years Scott would go on to write and design a further 3 books published globally in 8+ languages.

Over 18 years later, we still regularly design, art direct and compile books of all kinds for an international audience. The studio has designed in excess of 50+ covers and overall book layouts for Rotovision, Rockport, Quiver (Now known as the Quarto Group) based in Boston USA.

Our love of book design has seen us produce books from Lego design, vegan cooking, urban biking, fundraising to pottery. The following is just a small selection of some of our books designed since 2001.