Stirring Music


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were working on the very first issue of STIR but here we are just two short years on and we’re already on issue nine. This issue brings a new creative element which we’ve not had before, Music!

Like every issue we like to try something a bit different, so this issue comes with a sixteen track CD which is also available on soundcloud ( The editorial team really had their work cut out as there was a lot of musical submissions as this was the first time they have be incorporated into the magazine. There is a wide range of genres from instrumentals, spoken word, hip hop, folk and even a bit of blues.

The editorial team at Shotts has recommended certain tracks from the CD to listen to along side some of the visual art. Headphones will be required for this one but we think it will create a really new and unique way to enjoy this issue. So pour yourself a brew, get comfy, sit back and immerse yourself in the creativity.

There’s plenty to enjoy in this issue, we’ve got a special four page Art of the Commonwealth pullout from Low Moss, Rhythm and Paint, music reviews, a visit from Jamie Akers and a the usual amount of award winning writing and visual art.

This issue also comes with some very good news, the magazine along with lots of its contributors have won multiple awards at this years Koestler Awards. The magazine won a bronze award and a platinum for graphic design. We’re not ones to brag, oh ok we are but when you’re as proud of this magazine as we are it’s hard not to.

If you’re new to the amazing project that is STIR magazine then you can have a look at the case study section in this website or go onto the STIR website for more information and back issues.

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